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Therapeutic Process

The Children’s Justice Center Therapeutic Process

Prior to the creation of the Utah CJC’s, investigation of child abuse may have required a child victim to be interviewed by police, social services, medical personnel, psychologists and prosecutors. The primary function of the CJC is to provide a facility where children can feel more comfortable and receive coordinated services as part of the investigative process. The interviews are completed in a home-like setting by law enforcement and/or social service investigators. The interview is recorded so representatives from all involved agencies are able to use the interview in their investigation.[1]

The children’s justice center provides many secondary services. These include:[1]

  • Medical forensic exams on-site at some centers
  • Tracking and monitoring of cases through the criminal justice system
  • Collaboration of resources among agencies involved in the investigation
  • Community education presentations
  • Referrals for mental health and other services

The therapeutic process children go through is:

  • The child is brought into the center.
  • The child is taken into a room that is extremely child friendly, based on their age.
  • The child is interviewed by a licensed therapist.
  • While the child is being interviewed, the interview is recorded and watched by investigators and other needed/required personnel.
  • The child may see a trained medical practitioner at the CJC.
  • The child is encouraged, strengthened and supported.
  • The child is taken to another room to choose a hand-stitched Teddy Bear
  • The child starts healing immediately!
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