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Hope & Healing Boutique

October 5, 2022: 8 am – 6 pm, Provo City

Who We Are

Friends Board of the Utah County Children's Justice Center

The Friends of The Utah County Children’s Justice Center (UCCJC) is the fundraising arm for the Utah County CJC. We are a volunteer organization that cares for the children so we donate time, money, and talents to helping them.


Stephanie Berglind, President
Friends CJC President, Teacher

Cora Barrett, Secretary
Provo School Mentor Coordinator

Rebecca Martell
CJC Executive Director

Heather Allen
CJC Associate Director

2022 Board Members

Susan Chasson 
Attorney, Nurse-Practitioner
Registered Agent

Kathy Curtis
Business Owner

Tricia Stoddard
Business Owner 

Angie Judd

Karen Valentine

Barbara Curtis
Financial Consultant

Ruth Brasher
BYU Professor, Adm, Retired

Amanda Shields
Executive Assistant

Tony Rhoton
Design & Marketing

Laura Blanchard
Former CJC Director

Spencer Whitham

Cara Dahl
Board Member

Interview Child

1st we interview the child in a peaceful and relaxing home-like environment.

Donate Today

Record Interview

2nd, While the interview is going on, it is recorded, so they can feel safe, and comfortable. Since it’s recorded they do not have to relive the pain they went through again and again.

Help a Child Today

Healing Starts Immediately

Because the abused child does not have to recount their story, again and again, reliving the nightmare; healing starts happening immediately. We continue to support them through their journey of healing.

Every Dollar Heals

Contact US

    Have any questions?

    We love helping children and we are always looking for companies willing to partner with us to help abused children. If you would like to talk with us or have any suggestions, please send us an email or call us at 801.851.8554, ask for Rebecca.